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CRISS CP/M выставлен в Yandex-музее в Санкт-Петербурге!

CRISS CP/M computer v.4.64

18.04.2022 Обновления микропрограмм, расширенный режим TWI, CP/M с 55 Кб TPA! / New firmwares, TWI extended mode, CP/M 2.2 with 55Kb TPA!

Добавлена игра Ladder / Ladder game is added


CRISS CP/M - Modern DIY CP/M Computer!


We already have 350+ followers!

Meet the CRISS CP/M: the modern single-board 8-bit full-featured personal computer! Amazing functionality for the DIY device: it is not a toy, it is REAL Computer, the best DIY computer you can imagine, the SAFEST computer in the world and the sophisticated control platform for your projects!

Basic characteristics:

  • CP/M operating system: many programming languages, games, text editors, spreadsheets, databases;
  • Built-in BIOS support;
  • Processor: Z80 (Zilog) in emulation mode, register-register command execution speed 1 μs;
  • RAM: SRAM 64Kb, 55 Kb TPA!;
  • Video adapter: VGA, monochrome, alphanumeric up to 25x80 or 31x64chars, 4 switchable character tables, graphics 160x96 pixels;
  • Storage: SD-card, support for 819 KB floppy images, etc .;
  • Keyboard: standard PS/2 keyboard, local and LAT layouts;
  • Printer: standard with serial interface;
  • Communication interfaces: RS-232, system UART;

Really cool? But it is not the end of the list, there are also available:

  • 128 Kb EEPROM that allows to switch between 3 user sessions;
  • Real time clock with the backup battery;
  • Ethernet controller embedded into BIOS;
  • Single-tone music generator with built-in amplifier and speaker;
  • GPIO support - up to 128 digital I/O lines (external module);
  • LPT-port support (external module).

CRISS CP/M has its own settings, but it can emulate other hardware platforms and terminals emulation, for now it supports Robotron 1715 (RU and EU versions), Kaypro II/ADM and TRS-80!

Power supply: AC 120-230 V 50-60 Hz. SIngle box 140x110x35 mm size, PCB size 100x130 mm.

And what absolutely unbelievable: only DIP components! Anyone can solder it, detailed video how to do it available!

CRISS CP/M - modern DIY(!!!) computer for entertainment and more! Don't forget to visit and like the project page at HACKDAY.IO!

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Please write me to if you are interesting to have your own CRISS CP/M!


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